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Making The Right Choice

Purchasing a private aircraft represents a significant capital investment so it is important to make the right choices. You may already have identified the aircraft type you wish to purchase and simply see if any of the "off market" aircraft we have access to via our extensive network of contacts represents a more attractive opportunity. You may simply have an idea of budget but have not yet decided on the preferred aircraft model. In this circumstance we would be more than happy to visit you to perform a full evaluation of your specific requirements so that we may suggest some suitable options. Typical criteria we would take into account during the evaluation would include:

  • Age (we have access to both new and pre-owned aircraft)
  • Range Requirements
  • Speed
  • Seating & Baggage Capacity
  • Economy
  • Airport Performance
  • Charter Suitability (to help offset ownership costs)
  • Re-Saleability and Value Retention
  • Reliability
  • Maintenance Implications

Once a suitable aircraft type has been identified we will provide various options for the client to choose from, assist in negotiating the best price achievable and aid in the completion or refurbishment planning if so required. Furthermore we can provide a full turnkey service in sourcing any other solutions you may invite us to assist on such as:

  • Securing Finance for Aircraft Purchase
  • Organising an Aircraft Inspection & Valuation
  • Obtaining Insurance Quotes
  • Assisting with SPV Formation and Aircraft Registration
  • Selecting suitable Hangarage
  • Arranging and Training of Crew
  • Selecting a suitable Operator
  • Arranging a competitive Maintenance Program

We appreciate that each client's requirements are different and we take time to understand these so we can make the most suitable recommendations. It is important to make the correct choice in aircraft to suit your needs and we hope that HS Aviation will be your choice to assist you in this process.

To discuss any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us