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Helping Your Business Survive

One of our specialist areas is arranging finance for Corporate Recovery, in so-called "Turnaround" cases. These situations occur when a company runs into financial difficulties and requires an injection of funds in order to provide working capital and guarantee continued operations. Sometimes this situation will occur following a "pre-pack" administration but often, if action is taken at an early stage, this can be avoided.

Working capital is crucial to any business and we recognise that companies, despite being good business models, can fail when their working capital is hit by one of the following:

We liaise regularly with members of the Turnaround Management Association (UK) and work with them in helping businesses analyse the problem and find a financial solution. Usually this involves a range of solutions designed to maximise the benefit of those assets that are available.

In all these cases the sooner you act the better. For a confidential and no obligation discussion please do not hesitate to contact us